You know the saying
Red Circle
It's true.
The larger the tree, the more carbon it can drawdown.

Remember photosynthesis? It's the pure magic that allows these gentle giants to capture and store carbon.
Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and can live up to 2000 YEARS.

As long as the tree is living, it can store carbon in its massive trunk and soils below, feeding the tree and enabling it to release oxygen while supporting the forest's biodiversity.
Rather than planting new trees that take decades to grow, we need to protect old forests that can grow in perpetuity.
supports the community’s economic stability, restores fish and animal habitats, and is one of the most beneficial means by which we can sequester and store carbon on land.

Financial investments allow for the employment of more workers to do forest inventory and help to facilitate partnerships with third-party carbon verifiers.
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